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Driver Awareness Panel

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Vehicle Data Interface

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DAP Driver Awareness Panel

The Driver Awareness Panel (DAP) makes drivers more aware of their driving style. It's an in cab "on the job" driver's aid. Save fuel and achieve direct / instantaneous improvements. DAP actively monitors the vehicle CANbus and analyses the CANbus data. It then calculates and compares the data against embedded known fleet and vehicle performance standards. Then when appropriate, it signals good or bad driving behaviour in real-time to the driver.

Key Features

  • It's smart and honest
  • It's designed not to intrude into the drivers work space
  • It's a tool to assist the fleet managers and encouraging his drivers to drive responsibly
  • It saves fuel and reduces wear and tear on vehicles
  • It promotes a safer driving style
  • It integrates perfectly and compliments with your existing fleet management solutions

Download the full technical specific datasheet in PDF format

DAAM Vehicle Data Interface

DAAM is a multi source vehicle data interface. DAAM is part of the range of Vidiwave products for advanced vehicle data solutions. With configurable functionality and extended connectivity DAAM can be used in automotive applications like Telematics, Real time monitoring, Measurement & Control or Interfacing

Key Features

  • One solution for your entire fleet
  • Trucks, vans, cars
  • Auto detects the vehicle
  • Analyze trip, vehicle and driver performance
  • Save fuel, drive better, reduce CO
  • EU tacho download compliant
  • More data available than a manufacturers interface
  • Easy integration with telematics and modems
  • Output in CANbus (FMS / J1939) or RS232 (ASCII)
  • Non intrusive installation with CANcliQ and DatacliQ

Download the full technical specific datasheet in PDF format

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