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Product Introduction

One of the key problems facing fleet managers who have mobile CCTV deployed on their fleet, is how to manage this sort of infrastructure and its health without introducing extra maintenance checks. To resolve this issue Vidiwave has engineered a plug-n-play solution that is both simple and cost effective, combining live remote monitoring to access and review evidence with automated condition monitoring and alerting to keep it all healthy and let you know if it isn't.

An additional advantage is that it also supports integration of existing (non-Vidiwave) networkable CCTV solutions via the original software. The solution provides a smooth hassle free upgrade path and instant access to CCTV footage via 3G rather than waiting for HDD recovery back at the depot.

Key Features

  • Up to the minute video and live feed
  • Cost effective, cheaper than wireless solutions
  • GPS positioning for all vehicles
  • Remote record, review and backup to Vidivault
  • One simple user interface

Mobile CCTV Issues

  • Reliability - Knowing if your vehicle CCTV is operational on a day-to-day basis
  • Cost - Costs associated with the recovery of DVR hard drives
  • Time - Time burning and distributing CD's / DVD's for Police or solicitors
  • Spares - Investment in stock for replacement / spare hard drives
  • Technology - The cost, time and complexity of setting up multiple wireless networks
  • Security - Ensuring wireless networks are secure and safe to connect to company infrastructure
  • Complexity - Multiple software applications to manage different CCTV systems

Vidiwave Solutions

  • Mil-spec build quality ensures reliability - PUSH health checking gives you peace of mind
  • Recover video via WLAN or 3G. No waiting, no in-service down time, minimal staff recovery time
  • No costly infrastructure or removable hard drives
  • Just schedule the download and leave the software to do the rest
  • Everything is protected behind an encrypted VPN firewall
  • One simple user interface - even supports your legacy CCTV and Hi-definition IP cameras
  • Easy sharing - Downloaded video has an embedded player software or use our instant share video Cloud

Vidi-Sync Vehicle Status Window

Vidi-Sync Live Vehicle View

Vidi-Sync Google Earth Live Tracking

Vidi-Sync Playback

Here's how it works

  • WIMS on the vehicle - runs a local script to check the health of your CCTV
  • 3G Alert Agent - If there are any issues - it uses a PUSH script to tell our FMS Server (VidimonIQ) to raise an alert in the database manager
  • Alert distribution - VidimonIQ informs you and your service partner - what has failed and when, using our VCMS Client software and email alerts
  • Alert Updates - VidimonIQ then condition monitors the state of your alerts, letting you know when they're resolved and back on-line
  • Lower Service Costs - it also allows you to move to an on-demand service model rather than expensive maintenance contracts
  • Health-checking older CCTV systems
  • It can report - off-line alerts, HDD failures and camera losses (hardware dependant)
  • It facilitates the possibility to add GPS Tracking to your old CCTV systems - check out our Fleet tracking section to see how

CCTV in the cloud

  • Share video instantly with the click of your mouse via VidiVault
  • Quick - just select on the VidiVault button in VCMS to share to your vault
  • You're in control - create locked folders to share video to different people
  • Secure - restrict folder permissions to view only or copy and download
  • Cost effective - only pay for the storage you use, as you use it
  • Automatic - optional daily back-ups to protect your CCTV downloads library