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Video Analytics

People Counting Camera

Video Analytics

Store People Counting Camera


Client - Automotive

3G/WLAN Wireless Router

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Video Analytics People Counting Camera

Key Features

  • Remote configuration and upgrade (via 3G option)
  • Up to 97% accuracy
  • Works well counting crowds and tight groups of people
  • Not affected by clothing colours or passenger heights
  • Built-in IR LED Lighting to ensure accurate counts at night.
  • High reliability with low maintenance
  • Accurately counts people on and off vehicles with multiple doors.
  • Master / Slave configuration with linked cameras.
  • Reports total people on-board for all linked cameras.
  • Automatically generate real-time web-based occupancy reports via optional 3G / WLAN router.
  • Provides operators with effective ticket / cash flow management for each vehicle / driver.
  • IP65 rated camera housings
  • Optional back-office diagnostics software via cloud.
  • SIMPLE plug and play installation.
  • Count links to vehicle ignition (ACC)
  • Wide range Automotive grade PSU 9~36V DC with built-in spike protection.

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