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VidiVault - Your data under Lock & Key

Provides fleet managers with a simple, secure way to back-up and share video evidence using the latest cloud technology. With industry leading infrastructure, featuring dual redundant internet connections and UPS Fed Backup Power to ensure your data is safe, secure & available when you need it to be.
Our latest specification servers feature 16 core's and 32GB Ram, not to mention uncontended Class 7 100m/bit connectivity.

Key Features

  • Secure Web Portal.
  • Create your own Folders.
  • Email direct links to files.
  • Simple Fast instant Sharing.
  • Low cost long term storage.

Vidivault interface - folders

Vidivault interface - uploads

What is the Cloud

Cloud computing refers to the storing and accessing of data and programs from a central location over the internet. Instead of having a physical server installed into your office, everything is stored remotely in a data centre.

Vidiwave takes advantage of this technology to bring you more affordable solutions to your CCTV and vehicle data. Consider the cost and time to install a static CCTV system on your premises. You would first need to pay for the hardware, network cables, routers, software, licenses and labour to have your system ready to go, whereas in the cloud, everything is already set up, you just access it via your browser. Consider the cost and time it takes to keep changing and replacing physical CCTV hard drives, in the cloud, you can backup, rewind, play or delete any recorded video without touching a hard drive.

Cloud Advantages

  • Cost effective - avoid infrastructure set up and maintenance costs
  • Data / Programmes accessed from any PC, anywhere
  • Easy to backup and recover your data
  • Quick deployment